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Make money from your blog right now

how make money blogging


Starting a blog can be exciting and overwhelming but what is even more interesting is that you can make money in the process. let us look at Make money from your blog   RIGHT NOW. I share this not to brag, but so that you’ll understand I know what I’m talking about when it comes to starting a blog and making serious income with it. You should be very serious about  showing up regularly(being consistent is not optional but obligatory )

Unless you have a huge audience somewhere already, you can’t expect to make money right away—monetization should not be your number one 1 focus at the moment, but rather something to work towards.

Even still, it’s good to have an idea of which ways you’d like to make money on your blog. As you get older in the blogging era some monetization strategies will be easier than others to implement while your blog readers are still growing.

1. Freelancing (Selling Your Services)

If you want to begin earning from your blog as quickly as possible, then selling your services (by landing blogging jobs, writing gigs, or otherwise selling your expertise as a service) is the easiest option by far. In fact, up until very recently, I was still freelancing as a blog monetization channel for my own business:

All you really need in order to land a freelance client is a strong enough pitch, which is where choosing to start a blog (first) will help significantly. You’ll want to build out your key pages (About, Contact, Hire Me) and showcase at least a couple of examples of the type of work you’ve done that you’ll soon be pitching freelance clients on.

If you don’t have those work samples yet… don’t let that hold you back. Create those sample articles, designs, or other deliverables and host them on your own blog as if they were a project you got paid to produce.

If you have a skill that you can sell as a service, then you’re already prepared to go out and start pitching potential clients. That skill could be something like…

  • Writing
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Developing  
  • Public relations
  • Social media management
  • Virtual assistance
  • Community-building
  • SEO or paid advertising campaigns
  • Business strategy or project management
  • The list goes on… because any skill can be monetized

2. Affiliate Programs

Every month, you can earn a substantial amount of passive income from the affiliate program. all you need is to get yourself registered more so most of them are free to join.

Affiliate income has gradually grown to become the largest revenue source for Most bloggers —and structuring your blog to generate affiliate income is a great way to get sustainable passive income. But this can be done when you can drive traffic to your content.

How do affiliate programs work?

Most of the biggest brands have affiliate programs   Think companies like Amazon, all the way down to key players in specific niches like online education where brands like Creative Live and Udemy have lucrative programs.

Once you build a small readership, you can go out and broker a more advantageous affiliate deal with companies that have relevant products you want to promote to your audience. For a LOT more about monetizing your blog with affiliate income, check out these guides:

3. Sponsored Blog Content

Unless you already have a decent-sized audience on your blog (or social accounts), it’ll take some time to grow your readership to a point where the sponsored content is a viable monetization option.

What is sponsored blog content?

How much traffic do you need in order to get blog sponsors?

The best way to do sponsored content without alienating your readers is to weave it into your typical publishing style

4. Online Courses

Once you have a skill (or experience) that others also want to learn, it’s relatively easy to package your best advice, strategies, tactics, and tutorials into an online course where people can pay for access to accelerate their learning much quicker than they otherwise would going through the stumbling process of learning through trial and error.

What is great about an online course as a monetization path for your blog is that you don’t need a huge audience in order to earn from online courses. The same goes if you choose an eBook and sell that digital product to your audience.

Make money from your blog right now

5. Traditional Blog Advertisements (Ad Networks)

I used to have several small blog advertisements displayed across my content that would earn me around $1,500 to $2,000 per month in incremental revenue before I turned advertisements off in favor of optimizing for other sources of income.

How much can I earn from blog advertisements?

What are the best ad networks for bloggers to join?

All in all, traditional CPC(cost per click ) or CPM(cost per mille) cost per marketing advertising doesn’t become very profitable (at least as a viable source of substantial blog income) until you’re driving more like 1 million+ monthly readers, so it’s not a great monetization channel to focus on in the short-term. But, when you’re starting a blog, it can be one of the easiest ways to make money from your traffic without much extra effort.

6. Podcast Sponsorships

Another great way to start monetizing your blog is by launching a (simple) podcast for your readers. You can use your traffic and early listener numbers to book sponsorships from brands that want to reach your type of readers & listeners.:

You can even combine podcast ad placement offers with sponsored blog posts on your site to really sweeten the deal. And I understand that launching a podcast while you’re still mastering blogging sounds like a diversion, but keep in mind that a podcast can be as simple as casual conversations with other bloggers in your industry.

How to make money with podcast sponsorships

7. Physical Products (eCommerce) and Software Tools

Similar in concept to launching an online course to your blog audience, another great way to monetize your audience is by selling a physical product or software tool to the people in your community—especially if you’ll be starting an eCommerce store (with the right eCommerce website builders to sell products that are related to what your readers need.

At the end of the day, this one all comes back down to solving the problems your blog readers have. If you need some added incentive, consider that 75% of online shoppers say they use social media as a part of their buying process.

What once used to be a much more labor-intensive business, eCommerce has become a great way to monetize an audience of readers on your blog—especially with the proliferation of dropshipping and order fulfillment services.

On top of just selling to your own audience, you can leverage loyalty programs that incentivize customers to invite friends to purchase with offers like first-time customer discounts, free one-month trials, gifting programs, and more. These channels create opportunities for amplifying your message and spreading your products through word-of-mouth marketing efforts that won’t cost you anywhere near that of similar advertising fees.

8. Business Partnerships

Of all the ways to monetize your blog, this is the most amorphous. Who knows who you’ll meet as a result. What about future guests on your podcast? The possibilities here for stumbling into partnership opportunities are endless.

As a result of sticking with my blog for several years, I’ve been able to use it as a tool to meet some incredibly talented entrepreneurs. Here are a few examples of how my decision has turned into profitable partnerships:

It’s true that there aren’t as many ways to authentically engineer the creation of these types of partnerships—aside from growing your brand and the reach of your blog—then being receptive to the creative people & ideas that come your way as they discover you.

On the flip side, if there’s someone in your space that you really want to collaborate and work with, strategize on a way you can add value to their business.

hope you enjoyed this article; will love to know how you are currently making money blogging or which of them do you want to start working on today

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