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Welcome, I’m  Bate

I’m obsessed with green living.  From a very tender age, I was not comfortable with all the harmful chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis in skin and hair care products that could affect our health. Talk less of childhood energy struggles.  It became my mission to find safe and healthy alternatives to conventional products for myself and love ones that actually work.

If you’re just a lover of natural living or one just starting to figure this all out, I know it’s confusing. Together we’ll figure out the overwhelming world of natural living, so you can keep yourself healthy and safe from harmful toxins in your products, and your home.

Once that’s out of the way you can enjoy a life full of health, joy, and love! I am truly honored to share my story with you and hope it inspires you.

My Personal health Struggle

I struggled with my skin for a long time.

As a child, I was always having issues with my skin from product irritation, allergies, to very sensitive skin.  at a tender age, I was given treatments which helped calm the situation for some time but were short term.

By my 20’s I started suffering from acne.  at that point, I started researching acne and the best ways to find lasting solutions.

After years of trying different skin products (including my own creations), I finally healed my body and I am in a place now where I have cleared and can properly manage my skin.

My personal energy struggles

studying  with out electricity

Growing up in areas where energy cut was known to be the norm. I can still remember we had to use lamps and lanterns to ensure to study, talk less on the state of health centers.

By my university days, I was opportune to learn about the environment and the available solutions to our energy problems.

After years of studies, I finally was finally ready to share my ideas with the world and help others who might be going through what I went through to have better options.

My Health and energy struggles inspired me to start greenlifebate.

solar boxes  for  your homes and businesses

Knowing the damage I had caused to my own health through toxic products I was determined to prevent this from happening to others and also detoxify myself so I could live healthier.

The more and more I learned, then I realized that these, energy struggles, chemicals, and toxins are everywhere. It wouldn’t be an easy job to avoid them all or even incorporate new energy options but I was determined to do the best possible job.

After brainstorming I was finally able to start talking about my experiences and how I have been able to overcome them.

I remember how I had to try so many recipes for itchy scalp and dandruff just to help me get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff on my hair. when this was successful for me I had to give to friends and family to try out and they also liked the results.

From that period every new product I made, started with me trying to solving my own health struggle

I was able to design and make solar boxes that are stronger and more adapted to our local environment and also easy to use. And the first samples still run to date without any form of  setbacks

All of this changed my life forever!! I learned how to heal myself naturally, and also help others access solar energy

I started selling my products online and started selling to friends and family.

Via my blog, I started hosting online training programs to help people get healthy naturally, make the right product choices and also use the right methods to ensure sustainable solutions

pimples treatment set

The greenlifebate products are sold in selected shops and my online store

Greenlifebate continues to reach and help more people solve their skin and hair issues through food and natural healing, and sustainable living options.

I also offer coaching and consultancy for I have been helping women all over Africa  solve these issues for the past two years

You want to learn more about how I can help you get healthy and beautiful skin and hair then visit our social media platforms.

When I am not helping my clients get beautiful skin and deal with their skin issues, handle energy issues, and being sustainable. I am spending time with my lovely husband and experimenting with new recipes, reading, strategizing, and listening to music.

«GLB portrays the beauty of a woman and the riches in her environment. Beauty lies in the uniqueness of everyone and the love for nature, the choice of products and methods. As your coach, I guarantee you a unique result. Natural is our watchword.»

Join me on this journey of health & happiness

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