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Fear or faith! Which of them are you governed by?


Hello our amazing reader, which of them is consuming you; faith or fear? Do you live by fear or by faith. Do you know that living in fear makes you believe in things you can’t see, and as well faith makes you believe in things you can’t see?  The big question is what is it that we both believe in, and can’t see but we are governed by?

faith or fear

 I know you are saying “that can’t be true!” But keep reading further to find out. I am not saying they are the same. I am simply saying they have somethings in common.  Look at yourself, you have faith  that you you will wake up tomorrow but you’ve not even experienced tomorrow yet and another person is in doubt “will I be able to wake up tomorrow, will i wake up ? will i be able to conque today talk less of tomorrow? it might be difficult” .   

 In this situation,  no one has not been to or experienced tomorrow yet but you both believe in something ; the former in faith and the latter in fear. Faith and fear are like two balls that are thrown on to hit a wall but one bounce back after hitting the wall while the other doesn’t even reach the wall but falls. Look let me be straight here.  


  • Fear is not sure of the outcome; it’s  perplexed.
  • Fear makes you run from an unknown which is not even after you.
  • Fear makes you see just impossibility in situations instead of the possibility.
  • Acting on the values of fear kills dreams, shatters aspirations, buries great minds.
  • Fear is an emotional virus that eats through all your visions and dreams leaving you vision-less and blind.
  •  Fear swipes away the bright sides of every situation leaving you with zero positive reason why.


  •  Faith is direct and certain.
  • Faith is the motivator of every dream , vision and aspiration.
  • In action faith produces great results. 
  • Faith is the back bone of every success story. 
  • Faith makes you see possibility in impossibility
  • Faith makes impossibility a rolling stone to possibilities.

Conclusion: Fear or Faith

  Ok! now that you know fear and faith have something in common and you can either be in fear or in faith. It is left for you to decide. You rather build my dreams than be uncertain and afraid of something  you haven’t seen just yet. Only the future can tell and faith will take you there. Please comment to let us know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe for more words of power (motivation and inspiration).


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