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Chebe powder in Cameroon (how to use it and where to buy )

chebe powder

I heard about Chebe Powder in Cameroon for the first time, early THIS year, in 2019 and I didn’t even know what it looked like and had never set my eyes on it. A lady that visits our blog often asked us about it and she vowed not to get it from any way else. She wanted to get it from us.  Let me brag a bit here. Because of our amazing service when it comes to hair products and online shopping, our clients sometimes, literally beg us to stock some products and natural brands. Another customer actually told us that she knew where we could order it from in bulk but she preferred dealing with Greenlifebate when it comes to natural hair care products. How awesome is that?

coconut oil on hair

So, since we didn’t know anything about Chebe, Google, experimenting, and research is our friend. We researched and found out the crazy hype that was going on about the Chebe powder. After taking natural the natural step, I have seen these hypes come and go and really, I thought this was one of those and did not pay too much attention to it.

After watching the videos of those women from Chad, I was only thinking of the fact that their hair was obviously of a looser curl than ours and who knows, it’s probably in their genes to have long hair. For real, to me, it was just a craze that would pass. But when I used it, my views were quite swayed.

chebe powder in cameroon

Maybe it’s not all in their genes after all. And according to Miss Sahel, the hair along the hairline is not long because they do not apply the Chebe powder to it. However, all the hair that has Chebe applied to it, has less breakage. This I understand.

chebe powder in cameroon

However, my question here has been the hair growth cycle that everyone has genetically determined. If mine is 2 years, the length can never get to that of a person who has 6 years in the growth phase. However, arresting breakage is a big step in growing longer hair. At the average 6″ of hair growth a year, in 2 years, a person should have about 12″ of hair if there is no breakage. And in 3 years 18″. Wow! Let me not get too carried away.

As months went on, some friends from the north started telling me about it that they have their hair braided after applying it. That is when I managed to see, feel, and even smell Chebe for the first time. These friends also told us of the amazing results that they were getting since they started using it and that aroused my interest even more. Their hair looked super healthy. Although some of the hair was quite tangled and I blame that on how they were applying it to their hair, all in all, the Chebe powdered hair looked strong and healthy. I had to try this Chebe powder thing. And I did.

Chebe powder for the hair and where to buy it in Cameroon

chebe powder for the hair in Cameroon

A bit of background. If you are living on Mars, you probably need an introduction to Chebe Powder. Well, in July 2017, Miss Sahel posted a video on Chadian women and how they use Chebe powder and why it is a secret to their long hair. If you have not seen the video, well, you can watch it here. Miss Sahel Chebe Video. And looking at the lengths of hair these women are dealing with, you can understand the craze. However, I would like to clear some things before we get carried away. Chebe powder is not applied on the scalp so there is no way it can make your hair grow faster. It is supposed to arrest breakage because it is applied on the hair shaft.

What is Chebe powder

Chebe powder is actually made of a number of ingredients with the main ingredient being Lavender Croton which is what is called Chebe or Chewe in Chad. Another type of the shrub is also called Lavender Gratissimus and grows in most parts of Africa, in Zimbabwe it is known as Gunukira. The Chadian women then grind the Chebe seeds mixed with cherry kernels, Mastic gum, clove, and some perfumes to make what we know as Chebe Powder.

And that is what we sourced for and in no time, had it delivered to us, straight from Chad. At a huge cost of course. That is how we started selling Chebe powder and that is when I had a chance to try it on my hair as well. Which was early this year? And now, I am telling you about my experience.

I have used Chebe powder regularly to date and I do it the busy natural way. There are a number of ways that one can use Chebe powder. You can do it to the book like what Miss Sahel shows in the video or apply it more or less like a hair mask which you will rinse out later or do it as I do. Mix it with my sealing products and leave it on my hair for the week.

chebe powder in Cameroon

Chebe powder benefits
Now that you know how you can use this magical natural remedy, it is time for us to tell you a little bit about the chebe powder in Cameroon, results so that you know what you are signing up for. Here are some of the benefits of this hair treatment:

Thickened hair

Thanks to chebe powder’s near-magical qualities, my hair will get thicker after continuous use of the treatment. This will make your hair appear healthier and fuller, and it will also help you to grow your hair faster.

Reduced hair loss.

As my hair becomes thicker after using chebe hair powder, this also makes it less prone to breakage. Moreover, your hair follicles will also become stronger after using the powder for a prolonged time. Thus, you will notice a significant decrease in shedding, which is great if you are trying to grow out your hair.

Moisturised locks.

One of the biggest issues for everyone with naturally curly locks (particularly type 4c) is dry and brittle hair that cannot keep the moisture in. With chebe powder, I forget about this problem, as it can help my hair retain the vital moisture for longer, making it healthy and shiny. Read more: how to grow long hair  

How I use this chebe powder .

how i use chebe in Cameroon

Chebe and hair butter

Chebe Powder

GLB hair cream(cocoa or shea butter),

1 tsp Castor oil or any oil of choice. you can add some coconut oil to make easier to apply.

I mix all the ingredients together in a small container or jar and then after my hair is washed and conditioned, I apply the Chebe mixture onto my hair as I do African threading to stretch my hair or some twists. You can just do your hair as you wish but make sure you have a protective style on. I keep them in for about a week and then wash my hair and re-apply the mixture. That’s it.

Chebe powder and karkar oil method

For this method, you are going to need chebe powder, karkar oil, and shea butter. When you get the necessary ingredients, follow these simple steps: Mix shea butter with karkar oil until you get a slightly liquid-y mixture.

There should be enough to cover all of your hair. Section the hair and wet it. You can use a spray bottle to make it more convenient.

Apply your mixture to the hair and then add the chebe powder on top. Do this to all of your sections and make sure the powder is not touching the scalp.

When you feel like your hair is properly covered and moisturized, braid it up. Remove the excess oil from the braids and spray them with water. Leave the braids for up to 5 days, then unbraid the hair and repeat the process.

If you notice buildup, wash your hair thoroughly before going through with the procedure. If all is fine, you can repeat the treatment without washing out the previous one.

LCO method Read more: 

You might have heard of the LCO or the LOC method, where L stands for liquid, C stands for cream, and O stands for oil. Well, in this case, the C stands for chebe paste, and this is how this method works:

Make a paste out of your chebe powder by adding the ingredients of your choice, such as natural oils, perfumes and butter.

Moisturize your hair with some water. Apply the chebe paste to your hair. Cover all of it to the tips, but avoid the scalp. Leave the paste in for up to 3 hours.

When the time is up, wash it off with water. Apply the oil of your choice to the hair and put it up in braids or twists. This process should be repeated every 5-7 days for the best results.

My experience with Chebe powder in Cameroon.

What I have found out though is that, making the Chebe mixture, saves me so much time in the application process. I am a real sucker for quick tricks to get my hair done in the shortest time possible. In this case, I just need to apply one thing to my hair and that is the mixture. My leave-in conditioner is water-based and that keeps my hair moisturized throughout. The Shea butter and the oil also help with sealing the moisture in and helping Chebe powder to stick to my hair for longer. How cool is that?

Instead of applying the water, then Chebe powder and then the oil and, and. I’m getting tired just writing about it. After applying the Chebe mixture, I do chunky twists, chunky braids, or African threading and then I leave it on my hair for about a week before taking it out, washing and repeating the process. I normally wear a cap, a wig or if my twists are neat enough, I will leave them out.

Have you used Chebe powder? What do you mix it with, if you do mix it with something? I may want to try your combination sometime. I would also like to read about your experience with Chebe powder or Karkar oil. Let’s have a conversation.


    • Eta Bate

      Hello amazing , We are happy you trust us to direct you on where to get Chebe powder. You can follow this link to get your chebe powder and other natural products Chebe powder

    • Eta Bate

      Hello amazing Francisca Neba, We are happy you trust us to direct you on where to get Chebe powder. You can follow this link to get your chebe powder and other natural products Chebe powder

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