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How to Become an Insurance Agent

Today we will be looking at how to become a successful insurance agent . In reality, a motivated insurance agent can earn more than $100,000 in their first year in business.But achieving success as an insurance salesperson doesn’t come without cost. It’s a challenging field, therefore most people burn out sooner rather than later.

Insurance agents use the word “no” much more often than the word “yes.” Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the word “no” to be uttered in a profane manner and for the door to be metaphorically slammed in one’s face. Furthermore, a lot of individuals have negative impressions about insurance agents; some even contrast them with glorified con artists. The money and flexibility of becoming a life insurance agent, however, may make the effort worthwhile for individuals who can handle the potential of rejection.

How to Get Your Insurance License

  1. Complete an Insurance Prelicensing Course.
  2. Pass Your Licensing Exam( as per your state )
  3. Get Fingerprinted (not all states require this)
  4. Apply for youe Insurance License.
  5. Start selling insurance
  6. Plan to Complete Required Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

What does an insurance agent do?

A salesperson who sells insurance policies is known as an insurance agent. In addition to identifying a client’s needs and presenting insurance solutions that address them, agents are responsible for developing marketing strategies to promote various insurance products, as well as establishing relationships to grow their clientele. The majority of insurance brokers usually concentrate on one type of insurance, such as long-term care, property, disability, or health.

How many hours does an insurance agent work each week?

Most agents work a full-time schedule, and some work more than 40 hours per week. Many people engage with clients during regular business hours and then spend the evenings working on paperwork and making presentations for future customers.

How do insurance brokers(agent) generate revenue?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that insurance brokers earned an average of $50,940 per year in 2019.
Most insurance brokers are compensated with commissions for selling policies. However, many agents, especially rookies, may also get paid as they build a book of business.

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