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6 Best pimples Prevention tips

Struggling with pimples on the face and body is not a very great experience. Not knowing that there are things that we often neglect that played a great role in not only leaving  more pimples, but it keeps us wondering why nothing is working. Let me open your eyes to the things often neglected, that causes more harm than good and  help  you prevent the stress of dealing with pimples.

Be as natural as you can with the type of skin care products you use .


1) Never Pick Your Face

Picking your face, hurts and leaves you with spots. This in effect  reduces your confidence. Picking of the face often causes wounds, infections and cultures bacteria since most of the time we use our hands which are not often clean. So what ever you do, try as much as you can  not to pick your face.

2) Pat your face after wash

patting is  not very often used when pimples preventions are given but I think it should be included because wiping roughly can puncture the face as the skin on the face is very fragile and delicate as such care should be taken when handling the face.

3) Never sleep with makeup all night 

Please permit me to take you back to what makeup does to the face . Makeup is a covering on the skin of the face which means it covers up the pores of the face preventing it from breathing normally and even prevent the oils from being released.

Continuous prevention of these oils from being release and prevention of  face from breathing triggers pimples. So why not safe yourself the stress and just wash off the makeup from your face before going to bed so that you can enjoy your sleep.

4)Exfoliate at least once a week

Exfoliation of the face and even the body is very important as it takes off the dead skin cells  living the skin radiant, smooth and soft. Now tell me my dear! who wouldn’t  love that? Exfoliation is done using body and face scrub. Check out my next post on how to make  natural scrubs at home.

5)Know your skin type

This is another  factor that many neglect and don’t even see as relevant but it is as important as the type of  body lotion to use.  Basically there exist dry skin, oily skin, extra dry skin normal skin. Subsequently I will give a detail post on the different  existing skin type.

6) Be as natural as you can with the type of skin care products you use 

In a long term point of view going the natural way has always been the best because it lasts longer . So it does not matter the  products  you use, just try to look for natural products.

Finally have a skin care routine
Having  a skin care routine is a great way to check the state of the skin of your face and body. As you may know a routine should include cleansing, treatment;  you can add a toner and moisturiser.


 Hopefully the above points guide you to do things right so as to prevent pimples and also enjoy a smooth and radiant skin.
Don’t forget to leave  a comment on what you think about  the pimples prevention tips and what you will like to get in upcoming post. 



  1. Agatha O.

    Very helpful tips. Though my hand is always on my face. Will try and control it to see how it works for me. Thanks GLB.

    • Eta Bate

      Thank you amazing Agatha, Happy you are deciding to keep your hands off your face. I hope to hear from you soon, about the changes you will experience. I am convinced you will be overwhelmed by how much changes you would experience. ”Nature cares, be natural”

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